Regular Hours
library hours
Mon-Thu9:30am - 8:30pm
Friday9:30am - 6pm
Saturday10:30am - 4pm
Holiday Hours
The library is always closed all day for the following holidays: In the event that one of the holidays that can fall on any day of the week happens to fall on a Sunday, the library is closed on the next day, Monday. Holiday closings are generally marked on the library calendar.
Additionally, the library closes earlier in the day than usual on the following occasions: We do not close for other holidays. In particular, not being a branch of the Federal government (unlike for example the post office), we have never been required to close for all Federal Holidays, and we do remain open for several of them.
Planned Closings
The library occasionally needs to be closed for circumstances that can be forseen in advance, such as building renovations or staff training. These will always be announced in advance on the library website.
Unplanned Closings
The library occasionally also closes due to weather conditions, extended power outages, serious problems with the library computer system, or other events that cannot be specifically anticipated. When this happens, we generally try to get the word out as soon as we can, with an announcement on the website, signs on the doors, or both. Thanks for your patience.